Peninsula Dermatologic Surgery Mohs

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Our staff will prepare you for surgery by taking your vital signs, checking your medications and medical history, photographing the skin cancer, and obtaining your signed informed consent for the surgery.

We will then cleanse and numb the area using a local anesthetic. Surgery will begin with the removal of a small piece of skin including the cancer. Any bleeding will then be stopped and a bandage applied to the area.

You can relax in your private room or in the waiting room while the tissue is processed for microscopic examination by the surgeon.

If the microscopic examination shows persistent cancer, an additional stage of surgery will be necessary. On average, Mohs surgery requires two or three stages to completely remove the skin cancer.

Once the cancer is removed, we will discuss your options for managing the surgical wound. In most cases, we will proceed with the reconstruction immediately. On occasion, special arrangements will need to be made for your reconstruction.