Peninsula Dermatologic Surgery Mohs

321 Middlefield Road, Suite 245
Menlo Park, CA 94025
T 650.326.7222 F 650.326.7332


The team will review your medical and surgical history, drug allergies, and your medications to ensure a smooth surgical procedure. This is often best accomplished beforehand with a consultation to plan the surgery and post-operative care.

Your skin cancer surgery will be performed in an outpatient surgery unit with local anesthesia. Hospitalization for Mohs surgery is rarely required.

To decrease your risk of infection, please shower morning of surgery and wash surgical site thoroughly. Wear comfortable clothing.

While your surgery will be completed as quickly as possible, you should plan to spend the whole day with us. Most patients are here for 4-6 hours.

Mohs Operating Room

Things to bring with you:
1. Complete list of your medications
2. Reading materials
3. Snacks and/or lunch
4. Computer (We have free Wi-Fi)
5. A fleece or extra layers to keep warm
6. iPod or other music device with headphones

Please click here for a list of FAQ before surgery